A New Deal: Introducing Tennessee Values Authority v. 2.0

Posted Fri, 03 March 2006 by tennesseevaluesauthority
Categories: Blog Maintenance

Well, here I am back for a new try at random acts of blogging. I will admit that I have missed the exercise of writing. The trick will be, I suppose, to find a way to manage this hobby into a reasonable amount of free time.

I should offer some apologies and gratitude to those of you who expressed some sadness about the shut-down of the original Tennessee Values Authority. I am sorry I wasn’t able to keep up with the overload of responsibilities and let everything just die on the vine like that. I’ll attempt to do better this time. My most sincere thanks should be expressed to anyone who read the old version and enjoyed it and encouraged me to take it up again especially Michael Silence at No Silence Here and R. Neal over at KnoxViews.

I look forward to renewing my quest to establish the Tennessee Values Authority as the monopoly you will turn to in determing the values of our state’s residents. Or not. Mostly I imagine I look forward to exploring current events through my own particular filter and discussing them with whoever happens to be up for a discussion.

In an effort to keep my blogging on a manageable schedule I doubt I’ll be posting everyday. I will try to keep to a regular schedule based on when I tend to have the most free time to give. That likely means I’ll be usually be posting on Mondays and Wednesdays. (And, just to get things started on an arbitrary note, my first post is on a Friday. So there.)

By the way, for anyone still linking to the old blogspot site, you will most definitely want to update your links. When I shut down the old site I had no idea it was popular enough that a pornographic cybersquatter would swoop in and take over the old domain name. Hopefully I can help straighten out any confusion over time.

In the meantime, let’s get started…again.